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Briar Moss [userpic]

Day 77

July 24th, 2007 (07:44 am)

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Briar tried to sneak into Marly's and Axel's mansion but Marly caught and kidnapped him. This journal officially on hiatus ... now.

Briar Moss [userpic]

(no subject)

June 19th, 2007 (09:33 am)

This town is getting downright busy with all the new visitors. Perhaps I should go be more social. The gardens are pretty much set up; I suppose I can afford to take a day or two off.

((OOC: I seriously don’t want to drop Briar, because I love him muchly, but he’s kind of stagnating over there. Does anyone in Zanarkand want to play with him? Kid? Ishida? Twins? Anyone? Who all’s there now, anyway?))

Briar Moss [userpic]

Day Sixty-Two

June 8th, 2007 (03:25 pm)

((OOC: This is not in Briar's journal, it just a long narrative about what he did on the glitch day. Which was cower in fear in his hotel room. Yay for fear.))

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Briar Moss [userpic]

(no subject)

May 22nd, 2007 (10:38 am)

Marluxia is back, and whatever that other...person might say I'm glad to have him. Some of the fruit trees in one the southern gardens are giving me trouble. I know they have something wrong, but I'm having trouble identifing it without my magic. Has someone been messing with the gardens after I specifically wanred everyone not to?

I guess it is hard to specifically warn everyone.

My miniatures are doing well, though. Maruxia did well when he found this room for me; the windows are perfect.

I've been so busy with setting up these new gardens that I've hardly even had time to see the rest of what Zanarkand has to offer. I'm sure it a magnificent city. I've even seen some rather...exquisit specimines as I've gone about my rounds.

Briar Moss [userpic]

Day 49

April 30th, 2007 (09:22 pm)

Zanarkand improves every day I'm in it. It could be because I am finally makeing some real progress on these gardens. I've got most of the gardens planed out, thought I am having some compatability issues in some. Here is where I really enjoy the challenge of my job: finding plants that are artistically pleasing as well as functional and stable.

Most of the gardens I've planned for protection, but some of my favorites are the ones in the middle of the city arranged for peace. If anyone's having a particularly stressful day, might I suggest a visit? But please refrain from picking the herbs, I need those borders. It's really becoming a problem.

In non-city related news, my birch is giving me trouble. Something is makeing it sick, but with my magic still on the lamb it's hard to tell what. I'm realizing more every day how reliant I am on my magic. Still can't decide how bad or good that is.

Briar Moss [userpic]

Day Thirty Seven

March 29th, 2007 (06:11 am)

The mountains here, these Aeriglyph Peeks, are much like the ones I traveled over back in Yanging. It’s not the most comforting of thoughts but at least there aren’t any soldiers following us out here. And no cats. If I never again travel in the company of a cat, it will be too soon.

The trees are doing well, all things considered. They don’t like to travel, of course, but I try to make it as easy as possible on them. And this trip has given me a chance to see more of the flora of this place. Vastly different from what we left behind in Rukongai. Some of these I have never seen before, and I’m afraid Allen’s getting tired of me randomly stopping our trip to go sit in the dirt and examine a bush for an hour. Well, that’s the peril of traveling with a mage; we do odd things from time to time. He should be glad he isn’t traveling with Tris, or else we’d be running head-first into every storm.

To everyone back in Rukongai, Yuffie and Soma, sorry I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye before splitting. I hope you met with your friend you were looking for, Yuffie, and stay away from whatever made that blast a few days ago. The Tantos are still keeping the same deal at the restaurant, even if I’m not there to provide my excellent cooking.

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Briar Moss [userpic]

Day Thirty Two

March 13th, 2007 (08:03 am)

Hakkoi bless me, I haven’t used this thing in a while, have I? Well, I can hardly be blamed; I found there are miniature trees in this place. An old man in a temple showed me the few he has. The poor things were all in the wrong shape, though they did seem well-cared for otherwise. I’ve been helping him work with them. And with the munny I’ve made selling my cures, I even bought a couple. Once they’re re-shaped I’m sure they’ll fetch a fine price. Though, without my magic, it will take longer. It’s amazing how much I’ve taken green magic for granted, considering that I am a green mage.

Yuffie’s been quiet, off looking for her mysterious friend I guess. I hope she wasn’t anywhere near that blast when it happened. It would be such a shame to loose such a lovely lady. Luckily no one died when that happened, but also no one can figure out what happened. I was there as soon as I heard it, did some work on a few of the guys they pulled out, but the healers here are competent enough that they didn’t need me long. The one man will have a maimed leg, but overall I think they’ll be alright. Too bad there doesn’t seem to be any healer-magic in this place either, a half-decent healer back home could have saved that leg. But, we do what we can. And what we must.

This place is loosing interest for me. Once my trees are stable, I might be moving. I’ve certainly got enough for one of those chocobo things.

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Briar Moss [userpic]

Day Twenty Eight

February 28th, 2007 (02:54 pm)

Good thing it's a slow day today. Yuffie took her day off, but with Yukari still sick I've had to take over some with the customers. Goody Tanto does most of it, thankfuly. I'm starting to miss the kitchen. And our dear Yuffie, of course.

Lots of people moving around, I see. We lost Larsa and Mog, I hope they made it to Risembool in one peice. Or two, since there are two of them.

To anyone coming, feel free to stop by.

I've started doing real green mage work again, in my time off. Though, without the mage part. I still can't get my magic to work right. But the ladies seem willing enough to pay plenty of munny for my purfumes and remdies that do still work. It's nice to have a little pocket of funds to fall back on if I need to. And since I have that now, I guess I can start being generous again with what I make.

Briar Moss [userpic]

Day Twenty Five

February 21st, 2007 (02:13 pm)

I wonder if I should be glad or not that the standing offer of free food hasn't been abused much. I hope it means people are finding other ways to eat.

Yuffie is a delightful waitress, if only just to watch. She seems to along well enough with the famliy, but I don't think the Tanto's are capable of not getting along with someone. Perhaps that is why they opened a restaurant.

Still, for the most part things have been going as they have since I got here. Though Yukari seems to have developed a stomach bug of some kind. I gave her a tea for it, but she's not getting better.

Oh, and Lamont. I finished your pack. Come by any time to pick it up.

Briar Moss [userpic]

Day Twenty Two

February 8th, 2007 (08:57 pm)

WHAT in the seven hells is going on! I’m a SQUIRREL! Is this NORMAL? Yukari is a GOAT! And she doesn’t really seem to care.

At lease I still have fingers and use this little device, which tells me that I’m not alone in this problem.

But seriously, does this happen a lot here?

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